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Contributions to Pongal Celebrations 

Jan 8,2023

Salem Pengal Nazhavazhvu Sangam organized a grand event to celebrate Pongal, the harvest festival. 108 participants from the group offered their prayers and made fresh Pongal. Contributions from our trust include all the ingredients to prepare pongal like rice, Moong dhal, Jaggery, Cashewnuts, raisins, and cardamom including 108 lids to cover the pots. A shield was presented to our Secretary Mr Muralidharan recognizing the efforts put in by our trust. Our heartfelt thanks to Mr Muralidharan for completing this event successfully.

Grocery support 

Nov 5, 2022

Venue: V'87 admin office

Two months' worth of medication valued at Rs 5000/- was donated to Ms Manimegalai. These meds are to support her parents with heart ailments.

Monthly grocery support containing 18 grocery items was donated to Ms Priya and Ms Manimegalai supporting their basic needs.

Thanks to Mr Diwakaran (Rotary President), Mrs Sudha Diwakaran, Mr Manavazhan (Rotary Secretary) and Mr Muralidharan for completing the event.

Rice bags Donation

July 23, 2022

Vizhudhugall'87 donated 50 kgs of rice bags to support the Transgender community. Priya and Nakshatra from Thirunangaigal Nazha Sangam collected the bags at our office. Rotarian Mr Manavazhan, Mr Ashokan and Mrs Hamsi, a teacher at Emerald Public School and Mr Muralidharan were present at the office during this event.


Nutrition support to TG

March 10, 2021

Vizhudhugall's first project for the Transgender community was focused on the rural transgender people to help with their nutrition concerns, understanding their day to day issues in adjusting with society and provide motivation. Around 50 Transgender people were invited to attend this event from nearby rural villages. The Board team meticulously listened to the concerns posted by each and every attendee and promised to provide solutions to some of them as early as possible.

Dr Kartik Rajarathinam and Dr G.Anand discussed the importance of Hep-C testing every 6 months. Dr Manjunathan Sivaprakasam explained the importance of breathing exercises and demonstrated a few to help them cope with their everyday stress.

Nutritional kit at an approx. price of Rs. 511/kit was distributed to all the attendees - it consists of 2 kgs of rice, 1/2 kg of tuar dhal, moong dhal and urad dhal, 1 kg of black channa, 1/2 kg of sugar, 100 grams of coriander, turmeric and chilli powder and 1/2 liter oil can. Immunity boosting Vitamin tablets were also a part of the kit. 

A hearty meal comprising of chicken biriyani, chilli chicken, Brinjal curry with raitha was served to everyone. 

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