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General Trust Events

July 5, 2024

Vizhudhugall'87 @ VRDP 40 years event

Venue: Sowdambika Hotel

Time: 10.30am to 3.30 pm

Vizhudhugall'87 jointly celebrated with VRDP their 40 successful years as a charity organization by giving away 7 tailoring machines to differently abled women who will be trained via Enable India to set up their own business. Additionally 10 kilo rice bags were donated to 15 HIV affected people. Our Chairman Mr Praburam extended the felicitations to VRDP Director Mr Ranganathan followed by a speech by our Secretary, Mr Muralidharan.

Our heartfelt gratitude to our sponsors,

Mr Narendran (Owner of Rajeshwari Towers and Siva Granites) donated Rs 35000/- to procure the tailoring machines and

Mrs Kalaivani Sridharan (Mother-in-Law of Dr Manjunathan Sivaprakasam) sponsored 150 kgs of rice.

Ten Social workers from various charity organizations of the tribal areas were chosen and awarded by VRDP during this event. The awardees were also given a Vizhudhugall'87 T-Shirt.

Mr Muralidharan was awarded as one of the best social worker for being a collective responsibility of Vizhudhugall'87. The members of this trust are always thankful to his effort and time spent on various events, he truly deserves this award.

Nov 10, 2023

Livelihood Support - Tailoring machine donation

Vizhudhugall'87 has donated tailoring machines empowering five women to lead a better life. Priya, Pushpam, Thangaponnu, Selvam and Manimegalai are from Tharamangalam and were in dire need of financial support, all these women were screened adequately by the VRDP Team. A cheque for Rs 27,500/- was spent to procure five tailoring machines. This event took place in the VRDP office followed by tea and snacks for all the participants. Our heartfelt thanks to Mr Muralidharan, VRDP director Mr Ranganathan and the team Ms Madhumithra, Mr Ramesh and Ms Asha for completing the event successfully.

Sept 21, 2023


Sponsorship to specially abled through 'Enable India'

"Enable India" is an organization with the core mission to empower people who are specially-abled. They work on the financial independence and dignity of people with disabilities enabled through supplemental education, extensive training and providing assistive aids designed for daily living, education and the workplace.

VRDP requested our trust to support the 'Enable India' team for specially-abled people in rural areas around Salem. 10 cheques worth Rs 5000/- each were presented to ten such specially-abled people towards starting their own businesses and are already trained by the Enable India team. The event was followed by a healthy lunch for all the participants sponsored by our trust.

Our profound thanks to Enable India Team, Mr Muralidharan, Dr Kartik Rajaratnam, Mr Manibharati - President of the Rotary Club of Salem Grand, Mr Vinod Kannan - Secretary of Rotary Club of Salem Grand, Rotarian Mr Diwakaran and Mr Ranganathan from VRDP for putting this event together and completing it successfully.

Sept 19, 2023


Installation function of Rotary Community Corps

Rotary Club of Salem Grand conducted its installation function for the RCC wing on September 19, 2023. We are happy to share that Dr Kartik Rajaratnam has been re-elected as the President, Ms Lavanya Manoharan as the Secretary and Ms Sucheta Gupta as the Treasurer similar to the previous year. Hearty congratulations and best wishes to the team. 

Aug 9, 2023

Protest against violence on Manipur tribal women

Venue:  In front of Salem Collector office, 10 am- 12 pm

August 9 is World Tribal Day. VRDP organised a protest under Tamilnadu Adhivaasigal Amaippu Kootam (TAAK) on Violence against Manipur Tribal women. Our Secretary Mr Muralidharan participated in the protest on behalf of our trust joining hands with the tribal community around Salem in rendering justice to the oppressed. Heartfelt thanks to Murali for partaking in this event on behalf of all of us.

Jan 12, 2023

Sponsorship for Thirukural contest 

Our Secretary Mr Muralidharan was invited as one of the chief guests for the Thirukural contest held by Sudhandhira Iyakkam Trust. A total of 746 students from all over Tamil Nadu participated in this contest. The top three Winners were awarded prizes and certificates and all the other students received participation certificates. They also celebrated the Pongal festival as part of this event. Vizhudhugall'87 has sponsored Rs 5000/- towards this event and presented a cheque. Thanks to Mr Muralidharan, Rotarian Mr Diwakaran and Rotarian Mr Srinivasan for their time and support in completing this event.

Dec 16, 2022

Donation to Dasanaickenpatty Govt School

The Principal of the Government Higher secondary school of Dasanaickenpatty had reached out to our Chairman Mr Praburam seeking help to cover the expenses incurred to fix their computers and other electrical issues. A cheque for Rs 3600/- was presented today towards their costs. Thanks to Mr Praburam, Mr Muralidharan, Rotarian Mr Diwakaran and Mrs Sudha for completing this event.


Sept 3, 2022

Installation of Hockey Goal post in Govt Boys School

Venue: Mettupatty Government boys school

Time :10:00 am


Our batchmate Karmugilan's brother, Mr Ulaganathan, who is working as Physical Education Teacher in Mettupatty Government boys School had requested a Hockey goal post for their Hockey team. Vizhudhugall'87 made all the arrangements for the same and the goal post was installed and inaugurated on Sept 3. Two Zonal matches - U 14 and U 17 were played with the newly installed goal post. The students and the sports staff expressed their gratitude to Mr Muralidharan and Mr P.K Diwakaran (Rotary President) for this timely help.

July 1, 2022

Food distribution to 50 Leprosy patients

Mr Muralidharan and his brother Mr P K Diwakaran distributed a healthy vegetarian lunch with eggs to 50 leprosy-affected patients at the St Mary's Hospital in Arisipalayam, Salem. Thanks to Murali and his brother for completing this event today.


June 16, 2022

Scholarship to primary school student

Harsha Vardhan studying in St John's matriculation school, Salem received his cheque for Rs 11,135/- to pay his annual school fees. His father was jobless previous two years because of covid and has resumed his work recently. They could afford only half of the fees and requested our trust to support the remaining fees. Sr. Leima, Mother Superior of Cluny presented the cheque along with Mr Muralidharan.

June 1, 2022

Scholarship to two students

Vizhudhugall'87 distributed two scholarship cheques today. Thanks to Mr Muralidharan, Mr Praburam and Dr Kartik Rajaratnam for completing this event.


Miss Y Mangaiyarkarasi studying Auxiliary Nursing and Midwifery (ANM) received a cheque for Rs 25000/- This is a certificate level course and the family needed help to pursue her studies.

Miss. Sri Mahalakshmi studying 1st year Bsc in Sona College received a cheque for Rs 10,000/- She lost her father to covid and this scholarship will be of great help in continuing her eductaion.

May 15, 2022

School Bags and Notebook donation

Vizhudhugall'87 along with 'Uplift Foundation' donated school bags and notebooks to 54 children. Along with the bag, 3 large size notebooks and 3 short size notebooks were also distributed. Thanks to Mr Muralidharan, Mr Prabhuram, Ms Lavanya, Ms Sucheta and Mr Diwakaran for completing this event.

April 28, 2022

Scholarship to Sakthi kailash college student

A scholarship cheque for Rs 15,000/- was granted to Miss. Sandhya studying at Sakthi Kailash College towards her final year fees. Our trust had sponsored Rs 7,500/- towards her second-year fees in November 2021. She lost her father recently and needed this help to complete her studies and help her family. Thank you Mr Muralidharan for completing the event.

March 11, 2022

Scholarship to Nursing College student

Nisha Shree, studying at Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan College of Nursing was given a scholarship cheque for Rs 15,000/- towards her third-year fees. Our trust had sponsored Rs 48,000/- towards her second-year fees in July 2021. She has lost both her parents to HIV and is survived by two younger sisters. Our sincere thanks to Mr Muralidharan and VRDP Staff for completing the event this day.

Dec 20, 2021

Kitchen Utensils donation to Karuppur Govt High School, Salem

Kitchen Utensils worth Rs 12,000/- were procured and donated to the Karuppur Government high School. Biju Joesph, the physical director of the school had reached out to our trust requesting utensils and it was put into action. The Assistant Headmistress of the school felicitated our trust members and expressed her gratitude. Our sincere thanks to Mr Muralidharan, Dr Kartik Rajaratnam, Mr P.K. Divakaran and Miss Suganya for their presence and completing the event successfully.

Nov 29, 2021

Scholarship to AVS College student 

A Scholarship for Rs 7,500/- was presented to a final year student studying at AVS College of Arts and Sciences, Salem. This donation will be used towards his sixth-semester term fees. Our sincere thanks to Dr Sivaprakasam, Mrs Suganthi Sivaprakasam, Mr Muralidharan and Dr Kartik Rajaratnam for completing the event.


Oct 15, 2021


A Scholarship for Rs 7,500/- was presented to a II year, B.Sc Micro-Biology student studying in Sakthi Kailash College, Salem. Her dad passed away six months ago after both his kidneys failed and the family was in dire need of financial assistance.


A Scholarship for Rs 6,650/- was presented to a third-grade student studying in Equitas Gurukul Matriculation School, Salem. Her father had lost his job due to the pandemic. They needed help for their daughter to continue her school education.

Sept 30, 2021

Blood Donation Camp @ Magudanchavadi, Salem

Venue: Maduganchavadi Sozhiya Vellalar Thirumana mandapam
Magudanchavadi's blood donation camp lead by Muralidharan with the support of the VRDP team was conducted on Sept 30 between 10 am - 3 pm. All the covid protocols were maintained. The Salem Government Hospital team were present at the venue to collect the samples. We recorded a total of 45 successful blood donations, our sincere thanks to all the donors. 

Sept 24, 2021


Scholarship to Yercaud student

A Scholarship cheque of Rs 15,000/- was presented to the parents of a student studying in St.Nazareth Girls Higher Secondary School, Yercaud. They needed the funds to pay the pending fees in order to collect their daughter's 12th certificate. Thanks to the board team and a shout out to Mr & Mrs Narendran of Rajeswari Towers for handing over the cheque and supporting the cause.


Sept 22, 2021

Blood Donation Camp @ Vazhapadi

Venue: Vazhapadi Elementary School
Another successful blood donation camp lead by Muralidharan along with the VRDP team was conducted on Sept 22 between 10 am - 3 pm. All the covid protocols were maintained. The Salem Government Hospital team of 10 members were present at the venue to collect the samples. Dr Ponnambalam and his 8 member crew of Belur Government Hospital were also present to assist with the drive. DMK's Councillor and his team felicitated Muralidharan for the service. We recorded a total of 52 successful blood donations, our earnest thanks to all the donors. Our special thanks to the DSP of Vazhapadi, Mr Muthusamy, who was also a blood donor this day. Two N95 Masks were provided to all the staff of Salem GH and Belur GH.

Sept 20, 2021


Blood Donation Camp @ Edappadi

Venue: Edappadi's Podinaickenpatti panchayat office 
A blood donation camp spearheaded by Muralidharan along with the VRDP team was conducted on Sept 20,2021 between 10 am - 3 pm. All the covid protocols were maintained. The Salem Government Hospital Staff were present at the venue to collect the blood samples. We recorded a total of 53 successful blood donations, our sincere thanks to all the donors. All the donors were provided with two N95 masks. Our heartfelt thanks to the support provided by the VRDP team and for making this program a success.

Aug 25, 2021

Blood Donation Camp @ Mecheri

A blood donation camp was conducted under the leadership of Muralidharan along with the VRDP team between 10 am - 3 pm. All the covid protocols were maintained. Mettur Govt hospital Staff were present at the venue to collect the blood samples. We recorded a total of 88 successful blood donations thereby making it an effective programme, thanks to all the donors. Masks were distributed to the donors and lunch with snacks was arranged for the Government hospital Staff and VRDP team. Applause to Mr Muralidharan for the well-coordinated efforts.


July 9, 2021

Scholarship to Nursing college Student

A Scholarship of Rs 48,000/- was presented to the management of Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan College of Nursing towards the education of Ms Nisha Shree, a brilliant nursing student. She has lost both her parents to HIV and is survived by two younger sisters. Thanks to the entire board members for being there to show our support and completing the event.


July 5, 2021

Financial aid to 12th student

A Demand draft of Rs 15,000/- was presented to the Principal of Sri Sarada Balamandir towards the education of the 12th standard topper Master Gowtham who lost his father to covid and was in dire need of financial assistance to continue his education. Thanks to Dr Kartik, Praburam and Muralidharan for completing the event.


July 2, 2021


Grants of financial aid were presented to two kids who deserve to continue their schooling but couldn't afford the fees as their parents lost their jobs/no income due to the pandemic. The money contributed will be used towards their term fees. It was completed by our team comprising of Dr Kartik, Mr Praburam, Mr Muralidharan and Mrs Lavanya.


1. Harish studying in Sri Sarada Balamandir was given a DD of Rs 7,760/-

2. Selvamadhumitha studying in Sri Sarada Matric for Girls was given a DD of Rs 8,170/-

June 20, 2021

Nambikkai Vaasal Trust hosted an event to donate nutritional kits (each comprising of 20 grocery items) to 100 physically challenged children and their families. Vizhudhugall'87 had donated 6 grocery items (Rice, Tuar dhal, Black channa, Turmeric, Roasted Gram dhal, and Maida) during the last few weeks which are also part of the kit. Due to pandemic times, it has been planned to donate to 10 families every day. Thanks to Mr Muralidharan and Mr Praburam for being there to complete the donation on behalf of our trust today.

Rice Bags donation to Nambikkai Vaasal Trust

250 kgs of Rice was donated to Nambikkai Vaasal Trust by Mr Muralidharan this morning. Kavignar Ekalaivan who runs this trust is sponsoring 100 nutritional kits to physically challenged kids and the rice donated by Vizhudhugall'87 will be a part of it. He has thanked us in his own special way, check the below pics.

letter of appreciation June 11.jpg

April 14, 2021

Donations to Nambikkai Vaasal Trust 

Nambikkai Vaasal trust is run by Kavignar Ekalaivan. He is a physically challenged person himself and involved in the philanthropic activity of supporting many physically challenged young children and their families which is truly inspirational. His way of overcoming his self challenges and developing confidence in the youth is vital and admirable.


Vizhudhugall'87 contributed 125 kgs of rice, 10 kgs of pulses along with some biscuit packets knowing their need and the entire board team was present to do the same. A physiotherapist has also been arranged by Dr Manjunathan, she will be visiting the premises regularly to provide therapy to all the children.


March 17, 2021

Thirumoolar Pranayama @ Cluny Matriculation School, Salem

Dr. Manjunathan visited Cluny matriculation school on March 17,2021 for teaching the yogic breathing called "Thirumoolar Pranayama" to a crowd of 110 teachers. Deep breathing releases endorphins and 22 different type of proteins which reduces stress and level of pain in the body. It is deemed an absolute necessity especially for teachers working in today's world of anxiety and stress. This event garnered huge welcome from the teachers with 100% attendance and they exhibited profound interest and participation in learning the techniques correctly.


Hearty thanks to Sr.Roselyn for giving us the permission and space to conduct this event. The teachers felt that this session had enlivened their day and would practice regularly and inculcate as a part of their daily routine.

With Sr.Roselyn @ Cluny
Session in Progress
Cluny letter of app.jpg
Teachers learning Pranayama

Here is a glimpse of the session:

March 4th, 2021

Pranayama session @ Theppakadu

Dr G. Anand and Dr Manjunathan conducted a Pranayama session for the domestic staff from local tribal village working at Mudhumalai Theppakadu wildlife sanctuary accommodation. The session went really good and was much appreciated by the attendees.

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