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'Our true acquisitions lie only in our charities, we get only as we give' - Read below to know more about us.



'Together we can', by giving back we can achieve some life-changing experiences. Come experience the feeling with us. Our amazing team of board and trustee members along with our volunteers are committed to helping others. We take our convictions and turn them into actions. 

Dr Manjunathan and his group of primary school friends from class 4 - 1987 batch of Cluny Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Salem were instrumental in forming this trust. Hence the name VIZHUDHUGALL ‘87.

Planting a Tree

Our Mission

We are a non-Profit org working on generating resources through donations, fundraising initiatives and community partnerships, and use those funds to make an impact in the lives of orphaned children, HIV affected patients, the Transgender community and many more. The mission of the trust is to serve the neediest in our society. Donate to our charity and see the impact you make with regular updates from our end. Transparency is our key and we will strive hard to stand by it.





Vizhudhugall'87 trust's key area of focus is Salem and its surrounding rural villages. We identify the needs, align them with the heart of our mission and engage in an execution plan.


We try to be specific about how and where those contributions will make a difference, thereby we stay emotionally connected with our supporters and gain their confidence.

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